Personalized branding

Showcasing your brand goes a long way in hiring great talent. With CV360, you get your very own domain and a personalized Careers page. The candidates can directly apply and take the pre-screening interviews without your recruiters having to spend any time. What better than converting your website traffic to active hires?

Customize it to your needs

CV360 is a truly enterprise SAAS platform. We understand that no two corporates are same. Therefore from Day 1, we ensure that you can customize the platform to suit your needs. With CV360, you can create and manage your end to end interview and job processes. Sharing information between teams has never been easier and everyone gets to see exactly what they need to see.

Easily manage all your teams

CV360 is built to scale to large enterprises. In an enterprise different people have different roles, and their respective permissions need to be managed accordingly. CV360 has an in-built role based access control, which lets you easily manage all your teams and users. Not only that, with CV360, we enable you to manage any external vendors as well. Jobs and interviews can be easily shared across teams in real time.

Comprehensive dashboards

In the hiring process, you need information at each level, right from the individual status of each candidate, to a bird's eye view of the various job processes. With our comprehensive dashboards, you can easily manage the operations at each stage, and instantly generate reports based on what is most important to you.

Integrate with your existing Talent Management solution

Already have a Talent Management Solution, but want to try out our Video interviews? No worries at all. Through our RESTful APIs, CV360 can be easily integrated to your existing Talent Management solution. This means that life goes on as usual for you, while you still get the benefits of accelerated hiring through our asynchronous and synchrounous video interviews.

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